Collectie: boyce magandela

boyce magandela was born in langa, cape town. he studied art at cap school of arts in cape town, woodstock 1999-2002. in 2004 he had two main exhibitions and workshops in several european countries – in berlin, germandy and in kitzbühl, austria and in switzerland. 2004 boyce had his first solo show in cape town at the winchester hotel. magandela was an absa art atelier’s top ten finalist in south africa. he has been involved in a number of workshops, exhibitions and show such as ‘telling our stories’ at the cape gallery in 2014, ‘fresh’ at the everard read gallery, ‘assemblage’ at the ava gallery – all in cape town. magandela had his first solo show with the prestigious everard read gallery, entitled ‘catarstrophic times’ in 2020. another solo exhibition followed at the heritage hotel and the sisonke gallery.

since early 2023 boyce signed up with manzart in franschhoek and presents his mixed media work including threads, found objects, carpets and needle work to a wide audience with international success.