Collectie: jade mulvaney

jade mulvaney is a south african artist who has lived in various european capitals, including barcelona, berlin and istanbul.

her work is always inspired by her inner and outer landscape, seeking to fuse both her fantasyland and imagination with elements of her current environment.

she enjoys a whimsical, mischievous and colorful approach. jade enjoys taking elements of reality and twisting them into bold suggestions.

as a storyteller, jade’s work offers up a series of chapters in one painting, encouraging viewers to interpret the work with their own playfulness and delight.

she has a rich sense of symbolism entrenched in the ‘characters’ and every icon representative of a memory, a feeling or a place.

her current body of work titled; "turkish delights" is based on her time living in the city of istanbul. part of this collection includes a series titled “nine lives” which was inspired by the multitude of cats that overrun the city of istanbul. jade observed that, much like humans, cats have their own unique traits and personalities. in nine different portraits jade has sought to capture both the individuality and the variety of cats that crossed her path.  each of the "nine lives” portraits is available as a limited-edition print.

jade works with large scale canvases and mostly acrylic.

jade comes from a filmmaking background as a writer and director (she graduated from afda in 2010).  she is a self-taught painter and photographer.


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