Collection: mishvania

mishvania, is an intuitive artist celebrated for her innovative and thought-provoking sculptures created from beach-found plastic. 

michelle's journey with beach plastic began in her childhood in plettenberg bay, where she would collect what she called “mermaids tears” on the beach. this early fascination with these small, mysterious pieces of plastic was rekindled years later when she moved to kommetjie. during a beach walk, she encountered the familiar “mermaids tears” once again. research revealed these pieces to be nurdles, a raw form of unmanufactured plastic. this revelation opened her eyes to the catastrophic issue of ocean plastic pollution and the immense threat it poses to our environment and marine life.

over the past decade, michelle has become increasingly aware of the vast amounts of plastic entering the ocean and washing up on our beaches. her regular beach cleanups yield a disturbing bounty of plastic debris, filling her studio with the remnants of our throwaway culture.

in 2020, michelle began transforming this ocean plastic pollution into original conceptual sculptures. her art conveys an urgent message of environmental awareness, and the positive reactions from family and friends spurred her to continue this vital work. through her creations, mishvania educates and raises awareness about the impact consumers have on the ocean and its living organisms, emphasizing the need for change and giving the ocean a much-needed voice.

“if i don’t show you, you will not see.” - mishvania


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