Collection: karin miller

karin miller is a truly south african artist, focusing on digital collage and the new media. to generate images of outstanding quality, karin miller combines traditional artwork skills and photography with modern technology. creating a fusion of past and present, personal and public, karin miller has developed a unique style that exudes a rich eclecticism, playfulness, quirky humour and the post-modern element of neo-baroque. each facet of the image is carefully chosen and placed to form unexpected combinations and compositions. sometimes she explains ‘I spend days looking for a haunting face in an old photograph, or a beautiful pattern in an antique print’. her tactic is to transform the everyday into something captivating. with meticulous attention to detail, she can convey theatrical flamboyance, splashes of parody or just about any mood or setting. nonetheless, her work often subtly suggests a uniquely south african ambience. karin miller has been exclusively signed with the manZArt gallery, based in franschhoek, south africa, since the beginning of her fine art career and has been given numerous solo shows at our cape town and franschhoek spaces as well as group shows and interim presentations in other locations, including france and germany. karin's works are in many important national and international collections and have an ever increasing following throughout the world – a truly south african artist whose longing for beauty in the world often hides the intrinsic agenda of each work – an artist who never judges, but instigates – who never instructs, but offers, inspires and allows for a long lasting connection between art and its viewer.

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