Collection: anina deetlfes

anina has found her niche in large and small scale portrait and figurative studies which she approach with attention to detail. she draws  inspiration from ' the stuff of life', womanhood and the different facets of that identity, relationships, childhood, memories and cultural heritage. these themes are sensitively rendered into art that is relatable and accessible to the viewer. anina explore adversities, mistakes, failures and relationships by asking how these experiences might cultivate human growth and spiritual enlightenment. 
the internal landscapes that i depict set the scene for an enquiry into the ambiguity of life. the notion that any situation could be a cause for optimism or pessimism – that perception is unique to every individual and is simply one’s interpretation of reality – is a central tenet of her work. 
all anina's work has a strong visual narrative with symbolic elements. 
at this stage my work consists of a combination of oil and pen. she combines her love of portraiture, textile design and background in graphic design with clean cut mid century modern elements . the end result is a fascinating contemporary work which portrays the human face with a floral inlay or tattoo. each work has an accompanying uplifting story that enhances the viewer's appreciation of the unique work.

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