meet maura - by luhanri bekker!

15 October 2017

luhanri draws her inspiration from people she observes or meets during her travels in different african countries, as well as in her day-to- day residing in the western cape.people's views on africa are often accompanied with stereotypes and 'typicalafrican assumptions' rather than stating the expected, she portrays what shesees when she looks at african people - the beauty of individuals. luhanri choosesto see the beauty, friendliness and energy displayed through the faces of africa'speople. her sentiment echoes that of chinua achebe: 'people go to africa andconfirm what they already have in their heads and so they fail to see what isthere in front of them'. the people she paints represent the hope, beauty andpotential she sees in individuals. the subjects in her paintings are people she hasmet and shared life-stories with, people she meets during her everydaywandering or people that interest choosing portraiture, she is able to capture facial expression in her work,which tells a story of a moment of beauty that is much deeper than the physical.portraiture for her is a way of engaging the viewer in a universal dialogue -anyone can relate to an expression and feel something.