Collection: carl von bach

carl was born in belgium and spent most of his youth in namibia and south africa. he studied in stellenbosch and since then is living with his family in cape town.due to his love for nature and his artistic skills, he started at a young age to experiment with the natural elements of rock, wood and light.furthermore, he has a fascination for sculptures and designs made of various metals and glass. these elements are characteristic of the beauty of south are all around us, along the sea-swept coasts and our majestic mountains. for millennia people continue to be fascinated by the geological shapes and structures of rocks. gold has something mystical, symbolising continuity, wisdom and purity. gold shaped south africa unlike any other mineral wealth.light inspires us and radiates energy. through light, objects are uplifted to a whole new look and feel.the symbiosis of rock, gold and light creates breathtaking art pieces that can not be replicated on film. the rocks used come from the west coast of south africa. sand, wind and water have shaped them over centuries.the rocks are split and crafted using specialised tools. in a labour-intensive process, 24 carat gold foil is carefully applied to the interior of the rocks.a special led lighting element gives the objects their magical aura. all objects can be situated both indoors and outdoors as they are weather proof.

people are fascinated by structures and shapes. first is the rock which has been shaped over centuries by sand, wind and water. when splitting the rock, new colours and forms arise.

the astonishing appearance of the rock is created by transforming it with lighting elements using the mystical radiance of gold.the combination of structure and shape, as well as gold and light, creates an incredible visionary masterpiece.both halves of the rock seem to hover suspended in mid-air. weight starts to become irrelevant.