Collection: nicky heyburgh

as a graphic designer with 27 years of experience, i have always harboured a deep love for art. however, i never found the time to pursue it as a career. i have now decided to make the time, inspired by the adage, “life is short.”

embarking on this new journey is indeed daunting for me. it brings with it a great deal of uncertainty regarding how to present myself as an emerging creative who aspires to be recognized as an artist. i consider it an honour to embrace this title.

initially, my artistic endeavours were rooted in realistic acrylic painting and pencil sketching. i often found it challenging to “let go” in my style. consequently, art took a back seat as my graphic design career progressed.

then came the covid pandemic, which marked the beginning of a new artistic journey for me. this period provided an opportunity to paint again, allowing me to break free from the rigid and strict style i had previously gravitated towards. i relished the idea of “painting outside the lines” and establishing my own rules. i delved deeply into art, experimenting with various techniques, media, materials, and textures.

how would i describe my art now?

abstract art heavily inspired by graphic design, with a strong emphasis on form and shape

singular use of color

 exploration of textures and mixed media

simplistic, sleek, and tailored for the modern homeowner